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Flowers Of Late May

Echeveria purpurosum
Late May flowers.  I missed a bloom day post, after all.
Echeveria subridgida, just recovered finally from last year's bloom, is starting in on another round. 

It's Echinopsis time.  See it, there by the stuffed monkey?  No?
Echinopsis 'Charlemagne'.  The flower dwarfs the entire plant.

Sedum clavatum flowers are a little more proportional.
One of the first plants of the garden 17 years ago;  I bought a package of  assorted "blue" bulbs at a big box store.  This is the sole survivor, one bulb that became a clump, still growing, still blooming every year.  Brodiaea laxa 'Queen Fabiola' is a California native.  I am publicly promising these bulbs I will move them to a sunny spot this fall!

Epiphyllums have fabulous flowers, but out of bloom the plants are not attractive, to put it kindly.  I threw some out but kept this one.  It deserves better treatment, but at least its not in the landfill. 
Another Agave 'Blue Glow' going up a…

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