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Leucspermum 'Spider Hybrid' 2016-2017

Leucospermum tottum x L. formosum 'Spider Hybrid' December 2016

July 2017
Adding insult to injury, the weeds around it were thriving. 
Oh, well.  On the other hand, the tiny Melampodium leucanthum seedlings, gifts from a garden-buddy, have grown.  Sweet, yet tough.  Sometimes the tiny ones are the toughest. 

The flowers are about an inch (25 mm) in diameter. 
I was impressed with their performance at the local fire station/native plant garden.  Excellent here as well.

Note in the below photo the drip line and my shoe.  So desperate for activity while hiding indoors from the heat, I cleaned and polished my shoes.  There's desperation for you
I moved one of the 6" 'Yellow Bird' Leucospermum seedlings to 'Spider Hybrid's spot, cranking up the dripper output and providing a shade cover.   It was in another place on the slope, screaming at me: "Too hot!  Too dry!"  Okay, how about here? 

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