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Bird Bath Placement

A few years ago I attended a seminar about techniques to attract birds to the garden.  (Techniques other than planting Aloes.) 
Orange Crowned Warbler at Aloe ferox
The lecturer described how song birds approach a bird bath or another water source in stages.  Birds want the water source to have considerable clear space around it, with a number of trees, shrubs, and other perches nearby.  They fly from one perch to another from several angles, checking for predators  When they feel the area is safe, then they fly to the water.  
Open space + various nearby perches (indicated by the arrows).  Water source at far left:
One of the hopes for the recently installed fountain was to create this situation to attract birds.  Lately, it has proven to be a correct placement, as several times I've spotted birds taking baths and drinking from the fountain.  Yesterday,  finally, a photo! 
Spinus psaltria, Lesser Goldfinch!
 Happy with that.  Birds need habitat.  In gardening activity, rose pruning co…

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